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CEC Credits: ACE 0.1 CECs , ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine 1.0 CECs

Help Active Agers Live Their Best Lives

As the active aging market continues to grow in numbers, clients are looking for trained exercise professionals to help them manage their aches and pains, injuries and post-surgery exercise plans. With 78 million people aged 65 and older projected to be living in the United States by 2035 according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the demand for qualified professionals is high.

In this video training let by Erika Quest, PMA-CPT, you will learn common concerns facing this aging demographic and corrective exercises to meet their needs. You will learn to build confidence in exercise programming and discover training strategies for Baby Boomers. In addition, you will understand how to help your clients improve brain, body and balance functioning so they can better perform the normal activities of daily life.

You will learn:

  • To understand general concerns for the active aging market
  • To perform and conduct evidence-based exercise protocol specific to the needs of active agers
  • To create programming that improves the brain, body and balance for active aging clients
  • To address and learn strategies to improve functional, social and psychological age

CEC Credits

Approved by the following organizations for continuing education hours:

ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine
1.0 CECs

ACSM - American College Of Sports Medicine CEC Approval

The American College of Sports Medicine's Professional Education Committee certifies that "American Council on Exercise" meets the criteria for official ACSM Approved Provider status from (2021 - December 2023). Providership # 687637


I learned a lot!

content was concise and well thought out examples were very helpful time allotted for this course was perfect thank you

I loved all this from Erika. I got some great ideas to use with the seniors I work with. I love the smart bells! Margaret

This is a phenomenal course to help you understand how to better train your aging clients. It also gives you an amazing insight as to why the 3B categorization system is so important for our active agers.