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Fitness Certifications

ACE educates, certifies and represents more than 90,000 health and fitness professionals, health coaches, and other healthcare professionals who have made movement their mission. We are the largest certifier in health and fitness, offering four certifications, accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), the gold standard in the United States for assessing professional competence, and numerous specialties aimed at helping health and exercise professionals lead special populations. Our education is centered around the ACE Mover Method, our philosophy on facilitating behavior change to empower people to make healthier lifestyle choices.

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Becoming A Personal Trainer - A Career Guide For An Evolving Industry

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Get your career in health and fitness moving with the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Career Guide.

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Get your career in health and fitness moving with the ACE Health Coach Career Guide.

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Becoming A Personal Trainer - Certification Candidate Handbook

Exam Candidate Handbook

Explore the ins-and-outs of our certification and recertification exams with this easily-digestible handbook.


Specialist Programs

Movement is universal, and often times personal. In many cases, movement requires a unique and individual approach. ACE’s specialist programs offer health and fitness professionals as well as healthcare providers the opportunity to move special populations across a variety of disciplines through a focused approach.

Professional Code of Ethics

ACE professionals are guided by, and adhere to, a specific set of principles and ethics in every client and patient interaction.

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ACE® Code of Ethics

As an ACE Certified Professional, I am guided by the American Council on Exercise's principles of professional conduct whether I am working with clients, the public or other health and fitness professionals. I promise to:

  • Provide safe and effective instruction.

  • Provide equal and fair treatment to all clients.

  • Stay up-to-date on the latest health and fitness research and understand its practical application.

  • Maintain current CPR and AED certificates and knowledge of first-aid services.

  • Comply with all applicable business, employment and intellectual property laws.

  • Uphold and enhance public appreciation and trust for the health and fitness industry.

  • Maintain the confidentiality of all client information.

  • Refer clients to more qualified health or medical professionals when appropriate.

  • Establish and maintain clear professional boundaries.

ACE Professional Practices and Disciplinary Procedures

The professional practices and disciplinary procedures of the American Council on Exercise® (ACE) are intended to assist and inform certificants, candidates for certification and the public of the ACE Application and Certification Standards relative to professional conduct and disciplinary procedures. ACE may revoke or otherwise take action with regard to the application or certification of an individual in the case of:

  • Ineligibility for certification.

  • Irregularity in connection with any certification examination.

  • Unauthorized possession, use, access, or distribution of certification examinations, score reports, trademarks, logos, written materials, answer sheets, certificates, certificant or applicant files, or other confidential or proprietary ACE documents or materials (registered or otherwise).

  • Material misrepresentation or fraud in any statement to ACE or to the public, including but not limited to statements made to assist the applicant, certificant, or another to apply for, obtain, or retain certification.

  • Any physical, mental, or emotional condition of either temporary or permanent nature, including, but not limited to, substance abuse, which impairs or has the potential to impair competent and objective professional performance.

  • Negligent and/or intentional misconduct in professional work, including, but not limited to, physical or emotional abuse, disregard for safety, or the unauthorized release of confidential information.

  • The timely conviction, plea of guilty, or plea of nolo contendere in connection with a felony or misdemeanor, which is directly related to public health and/or fitness instruction or education, which impairs competent and objective professional performance. These include, but are not limited to, rape, sexual abuse of a client, actual or threatened use of a weapon of violence, the prohibited sale, distribution, or possession with intent to distribute, of a controlled substance.

  • Failure to meet the requirements for certification or recertification.

ACE has developed a three-tiered disciplinary process of review, hearing and appeals to ensure fair and unbiased examination of alleged violation(s) of the Application and Certification Standards in order to (1) determine the merit of allegations; and (2) impose appropriate sanctions as necessary to protect the public and the integrity of the certification process.

Note: As an ACE Certification candidate and/or certified professional, you are deemed to be familiar with and comply with these Professional Practices and Disciplinary Procedures. Please contact ACE to request a complete copy of ACE Professional Practices and Disciplinary Procedures.

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